Quality cannot be improvised!

Reaching the fourth generation and being appreciated for the quality of our products means having worked for decades with the aim of always doing better! Over the years, we have invested economic and human resources to achieve such levels of excellence that we can proudly say we are a flagship in the production of semolina and flour “made in Sicily”. The high satisfaction of our customers is proof of this!

Advanced food safety, reliability, a wide range of products on offer, strict compliance with regulations, and active collaboration with several departments at Catania University are just some of our strengths. Everything has been sealed for us by various voluntary quality certifications. In fact, a certified product is recognised as having added value, both for its intrinsic characteristics and for the scrupulous care with which it is produced: the consumer is thus better protected.

Our certifications

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

It is the best-known standard for process and product quality.
The Quality Management System (QMS) controls and optimises all aspects of production. It sets out the requirements for the management of an organisation that creates and retains new customers over time by understanding their needs, designing and supplying products with the certainty that they are not only safe, but also of high quality, because they are certified and subject to periodic controls.

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

This voluntary certification aims to control the “Traceability system in the agri-food chain”.
In our mills, sophisticated computer systems record every batch of raw material while an advanced production flow tracking system allows us to trace back all the steps and the origin of the wheat used for a given batch.

Organic Certification

The purchase of a certified organic product guarantees the consumer that the food has been produced from raw materials grown organically and processed according to procedures that avoid contamination with conventional products.
This certification is obtained after an initial audit carried out by a body accredited by the MIPAF (Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies) and is only maintained by undergoing periodic inspections by the certifying body. These inspections cover not only the raw material but also processing, packaging and labelling.

BRC – British Retail Consortium

Originating in the UK, this standard has gradually spread to all EU countries and is now recognised and validated globally.
Only those who have this certification have the necessary accreditation to export to all Anglo-Saxon countries. The certified company is able to demonstrate the effectiveness of its food safety management system at the various stages, which are assessed individually from the purchase of raw materials to processing and packaging.

IFS – International Food Standard

It is the standard developed by the German and French retail associations, and defines the food safety requirements to ensure that purchased food is absolutely free of substances that are harmful to consumers’ health.
The particular aspect of this regulation is the food defence, i.e. the guarantee that the product is protected from deliberate or intentional contamination. In fact, the company protects physically or with restrictive procedures all areas of the plant, whether they are external raw material storage areas or internal production or packaging areas.

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