Historic Sicilian flours

Gallo family has been handing down for four generations the secrets of the art of wheat milling, a profession fed by passion and tradition which, thanks to entrepreneurial skills, transformed an ancient mill from the 20s into an expanding industrial group. Not by chance, what we like to put in evidence as our greatest richness is the capability of transforming, with care and passion, such an alive matter as wheat, to product high quality flour, for the sake of our clients’ satisfaction: from pasta factories, to pizza chefs and housewives.


From an important family history such as ours could only be born excellent flours and semolina, the result of many small daily gestures.
We choose only the best raw materials and we work them carefully by passing on our skills from generation to generation to offer truly superior products.
For over fifty years we have been dealing with our customers to listen to their requests and needs, anticipating their wishes.


Our plants transform more than 400 tons of wheat on a daily basis.

The nutritional quality and food safety is granted because of the use of selected grains, thanks to highly qualified and trained personnel and to the adoption of technologies and techniques that ensure regularity of organoleptic characteristics, always in the respect of the highest hygiene standards.



The deep bond we have with our territory and respect for future generations have led us to increase our research towards the use of renewable energy for the production of our flours.

We want to be a high-level reference point in the marketing of excellent flours, fully respecting the environment, cultivating authentic values to be transferred into our products.






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