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Of French origin, but well-known across the world, by now the baguette has great success also in Italy. Its original long and tapered shape, to be brought “under your arm”, makes it legendary. But what makes it so tasty is the contrast between crispy surface and soft inside. Here below the secrets to realize it!


Make the butter melt in some lukewarm water. Separately, mix 0 Flour Blue type and the salt, then cool down with water and add the yeast. Well-knead the ingredients until you obtain a well-mixed dough. Don’t worry if it becomes a bit soggy, it has to be so!

Cover the container in which you prepared it and let rest for around 1 hour. Then cover the table with flour and put the dough on it; with your floury hands, knead it for few minutes and fold it multiple times. Let it stand again for 30 minutes. Then take the dough and cut it into so many portions as the baguettes will have to be: give them the classic tapered and long shape (the traditional baguette should be 70cm long, 5cm large and 4cm thick) and let it stand for half an hour more. Preheat the oven at 230 °C. Arrange the baguettes on the oven tray, previously covered with 0 Flour Type Blue.

Incise the surface with few vertical cuts, then stroke it with greasy hands. So start baking. After the first 15 minutes, lower the temperature at 210 °C and continue with further 20 minutes or until the surface will appear gilded. Turn off and let it cool down at ambient temperature.


In order to give the baguette the traditional surface brightness and crunchiness, just before turning off the oven, brush it with some egg white. Alternatively, in order to give it a more rustic appearance, you can also cover it with some flour before putting it into the oven. Furthermore it is fundamental to bake in a humid atmosphere, so you can put a tray full of water into the oven in order to cause the formation of water steam.

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