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Molitoria san paolo integrale bordeaux foglia media
Whole-wheat Flour Flour

Integrale Bordeaux

Flour from selected wheat for professional use

Integrale Bordeaux (Medium-Coarse Bran)


This Medium‑Coarse Bran Whole Wheat Flour maintains all of the original properties of the wheat. It is rich in all cereal nutrients, including vitamins, mineral salts and fibre, which are perfect for a good, healthy and balanced diet. It is specially produced with the finest raw materials to give it more strength, for a finished product that is particularly soft and with small alveoli despite containing wheat bran that is slightly coarser than standard.


Whole wheat

Technical information

Integrale Bordeaux (Medium-Coarse Bran)
TypeWhole-wheat Flour
Max. ash content1.7%
Pack25 kg
Shelf life6 months