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Molitoria san paolo semele plus semilavorati
Blend Semèle

Spolvero Pizza Integrale

Ready-to-use product for professional use

Semèle Spolvero Pizza Integrale


Spolvero Pizza Integrale is a mix specially developed for rolling and stretching out pizzas on the work surface. It is an ingredient with a very important role in working the dough. It eliminates excess moisture, ensuring dough will not stick to the work surface. Its particle size reduces the formation of dust, helping to keep the oven base clean and ensuring it doesn’t stick to the dough, avoiding burning. Plus, it contains whole‑wheat flour and coarse wheat bran that help to form a crisp crust with a rustic effect and unique aroma.



Technical information

Semèle Spolvero Pizza Integrale
Pack12,5 kg
Shelf life6 months