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We Represent
Sicilian Excellence

Ours is a family tradition spanning four generations, and what our customers prize most is the quality of our products.
We have guaranteed this quality for decades, through selection of the finest raw materials and regular investment in technology and specialised personnel, with a clear goal: to produce outstanding Sicilian flours and semolinas. 

We Constantly Monitor The Health of Our Products: From Grain to Pack

Impeccable food safety, reliability, strict observance of regulations and active collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Environment of the University of Catania are just some of the strengths that guarantee the exceptional quality of our products.

Numerous certifications acquired add value to our daily production and demonstrate our intention to offer consumers absolute quality.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

This is one of the best recognised standards for product and process quality. The Quality Management System (QMS) monitors and optimises every aspect of production and contains the requirements for management of an organisation capable of nurturing customer loyalty even amongst the most demanding users, meeting the need for high-quality, safe products that are certified and subject to systematic controls.

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

This is a voluntary certification aimed at checking the “Food-chain traceability system”
In our mills, we use modern IT systems to log every batch of raw material and an advanced production tracking system enables us to retrace each process and the origin of wheat for every batch.

Organic Certification

By purchasing a certified organic product the consumer has a guarantee that it has been manufactured with organic raw materials and processed with techniques that avoid contamination with standard products.

This certification is obtained following an initial audit carried out by an organisation accredited by MIPAF (Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) and is maintained subject to regular audits by the certifying body.

These audits not only consider the raw materials but also processing, packaging and labelling procedures.

BRC – British Retail Consortium

This standard, founded in the UK, has progressively been adopted across all EU countries and is now globally recognised and valid.
Only businesses with this certification can export goods to the English-speaking countries.

Certified companies must be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their management system at guaranteeing food safety in all phases of production, which are individually assessed: from sourcing of raw materials to processing and packaging.


IFS – International Food Standard

This standard was developed by German and French mass-retail associations and defines the food-safety requirements to guarantee that food purchased is entirely free from substances that may damage the health of consumers.
The unique feature of this standard, however, is “food defence”, which guarantees that the product is protected from deliberate or unintentional contamination.
In fact, the company either physically or procedurally protects all areas of the facility, both external storage for raw materials and internal production and packaging areas.