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Molino San Paolo
di Paolo Gallo & C. S.p.A.

Customer Services: +39 0931 881 369
Customer Services: +39 0931 17 91 064
Mobile: +39 335 61 37 531
VAT no. 00040360893
Share Capital € 4.420.000,00 fully paid in
Business Register of Siracusa no. 31011
Registered Office:
Via Purbella, 20
96010 Palazzolo Acreide SR

Production Site:
S.S. 287 Palazzolo Acreide–Noto km 2,865

Molitoria San Paolo S.p.A.

Customer Services: +39 0931 722 332
Mobile: +39 337 88 44 29

VAT no. 00450030895
Share Capital € 800.800,00 fully paid in
Business register of Siracusa no. 64037
Registered Office and Production site:
Via Elorina 133
96100 Siracusa SR