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Ingredients for 32 sticks:

  • 100ml of milk
  • 1/2 a cube of brewer’s yeast
  • 200g flour
  • 2 spoons of oil
  • Salt



Let the yeast dissolve in some lukewarm milk (by lukewarm I mean that you don’t have to feel it hot nor cold when dipping a finger; should you have a food thermometer, it should be at 35-40 °C). Put the flour into a mixing bowl in a crater shape, and pour the milk in the central hole together with yeast, oil and salt. Knead well and for long, at least 5 minutes. Put the obtained block into another bowl, previously sprinkled with flour so that the pastry does not stick when rising, and let it stand covering it with a clean cloth in a warm place for 50 minutes. Then divide the pastry into multiple blocks, taking care of thickness, which has to be necessary constant in order to obtain homogeneous baking of the sticks. Extend the block by hand up to a thin roll and then divide it by the long side, roll it again with your palm so that it gets thinner and homogeneous. In this way you will have your 2 first breadsticks. Advice: once pastry is divided, still keep your blocks warm and covered, so they will keep on rising. So, little by little keep on lining up the sticks onto a tray previously covered with baking paper, and when they are ready, strew them with oil (ideally by using an oil brush) and let them rise for further 3 minutes. The sticks have to be baked at 180°C for 30/40 minutes, depending on their thickness: however you will notice when they are ready as they get dark and gilded.






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