Biga kneading

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Mix 0 Flour type “Pasticceria”, water and brewer’s yeast (compressed or active dry) but don’t fully knead the pastry.

Generally doses are the following:

1 Kg of 0 Flour type “Pasticceria”

Water 440ml

10gr yeast


Kneading time is quite short (around 3/4 minutes with spiral machine – speed 1)

  • Once ready the “biga” still has to be lumpy (not smooth) and should be at around 20°C
  • Water temperature should therefore be at a level that allows biga to land on this final temperature after kneading phase. Let it stand for 16-24 hours at 18-20°C, it will be ready when the center part of the pastry collapses towards the inside

After maturation, biga can be used for final pastry or it can be stored in a fridge at 4°C for further 24 hours. In this case it’s better to get it out some time before kneading it, so that it reaches its ideal final temperature. For the refresh phase we advise to use a strong flour, such as our 0 Flour Brown Type

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