Crispy peel pizza (pizza in pala) with refresh method

July 5th, 2017 Posted by Pizzas, Ricette 0 thoughts on “Crispy peel pizza (pizza in pala) with refresh method”


  • 1 Kg flour (crispy type)
  • 600 ml water
  • yeast 4 grams dry
  • yeast 4 grams fresh



Pre-kneading: 4 minutes; put the flour into the kneading machine and start it at speed level 1, then add water and yeast subsequently and gradually. When absorption is completed put the pastry into a fridge at 4 °C for 24 hours. Refresh phase: use all the pre-pastry obtained, 1 Kg of flour, 1 lt of water, 50 grams of salt, 4 grams of dry yeast and 8 grams of fresh yeast, 40 grams of oil; knead for 15 minutes. Put the pre-pastry, flour, half of the water into the machine and start it at speed level 1 and then add subsequently and gradually the yeast and salt after five minutes. Start it again at speed level 2, and add the remaining half of water until the pastry becomes polished and compact. Let it stand for 30 minutes at ambient temperature and then start cutting it with preferred sizing. Place it into the drawers and let it rise for 3 hours. Use with open draught.

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