Rosetta with Biga

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my advice to obtain a well-puffed rosetta is to use the indirect method with almost only biga.

Biga production:

  • Flour molitoria san paolo manitoba type w 400 pl 0,5 IE 64, water 46%, compressed yeast 1%
  • Rough and unrefined dough
  • Wait for biga maturation (15 to 24 hours at 17/18°C)

Regarding the refresh, hereunder a recipe that is widely used for this kind of preparation, and that represents a clarifying numeric example of the necessary doses:

  • Biga = 30 Kg
  • Salt = 440 grams (2% over used flour)
  • Malt = 110 grams (0,5% over used flour)
  • TOP1 = 110 grams (0,5% over used flour)
  • Water = 3,1 litres (55% over used flour; the reported value is calculated by subtracting the quantity already use for biga preparation to the total quantity of water!)


The final kneading temperature is around 23°C, spiral kneading machine for 5 minutes at speed level 1 and for 3 minutes at speed level 2 (roughly, depends on machine power). Now shape 2,8 Kg cylindrical blocks, grease it and cover with plastic. Let it rest for around 15/20 minutes, let it rise and bake it at 240°C with a lot of steam. It should be ready in around 18 minutes.

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