Sicilian “Brioche”

July 5th, 2017 Posted by Ricette, Sweets 0 thoughts on “Sicilian “Brioche””


  • 10 Kg 0 Flour Type Pasticceria, w min 320
  • 1,9 Kg sugar
  • 700 gr margarine
  • 700 gr brewer’s yeast (better osmo-tolerant, in this case 500gr)
  • 500 gr egg yolk
  • vanilla flavorings, as required
  • butter/citrus flavorings as required
  • 100 gr “improver” with E 472 (Help)
  • 4,6 lt water, until obtainment of not too soft, smooth and dry pastry.


Knead 0 flour type Pasticceria, egg yolk and 50% of water, with salt, improver and flavorings.

Slowly add sugar and the remaining part of water. After reaching the ideal consistency of the dough, (almost finished and well-strung) add the butter (ambient temperature, but not melted). Let it stand for 20 minutes. Cut, smooth out and let it rise for 60 minutes, at around 30°C. Brush it with the albumen. Bake at 260 °C for 6/8 minutes (depending on oven type), in any case short baking at high temperature.







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