Our History


The bond between Gallo family and wheat milling finds it roots in time. This union, since the half of the 18th century, originated from the administration of water mills, owned by rich Sicilian barons.


Two young cousins, direct descendants, led by Paolo Gallo, found the first “Gallo” company, building a new mill of 7 tons per day durum wheat milling capacity.

They were tough times, when each activity and each new initiative was perceived with delusion; but will, perseverance and passion handed down from the ancient milling tradition, made overcoming all the challenges possible.

Since then, an “escalation” of improvements has happened; in fact, after only 5 months, production increases at 12 tons.


Thanks to the expansion of the building, the mill passes at 55 tons of milling per day.


It is decided to transform milling culture and tradition into an industrial shape, by realizing a new milling complex with 100ton/24h production potential.


In order to give to the company an organizational structure that better fits the expansion of the activity, Gallo family decides to convert the company into a joint stock company.


Salvatore Gallo’s brave idea and limitless will, with all the family’s support, give life to the construction of a plant for soft wheat milling, Molitoria S. Paolo S.p.A., located at few kilometers from Siracusa harbour, with a start-up capacity of 50 tons/24h. In this way, new markets are conquered.


The first expansion of Siracusa plant: capacity is up to 100 tons/24h. Afterwards, two new silos are built in order to store the wheat which is unloaded from the ships. In this way, the plant becomes independent from the silos located in the harbour.


A new big warehouse is realized, in which the new automatic packaging lines, the new tanks for final products and the storage of ready-for-shipping pallets are located. After only six years, storage capacity is doubled. During the ’00s, technical/production reasons and logistic needs led to the decision of transfering the Molino S. Paolo into a new milling plant, which, being designed according to the most advanced techniques and technologies, is finished and started up during 2009.


The plant of the Molitoria S. Paolo is completely renovated, in order to reduce energy consumptions and to increase yealds and food safety.


Molitoria S.Paolo has developed a 350 kw photovoltaic plant to meet the plant’s energy requirements.


Two new warehouses for the storage of finished products on pallets are built at the Syracuse plant, doubling both the available area and the loading bays for vehicles.


At Molitoria San Paolo, the new bagging line, complete with in-line weight control and valve sealer, is tested. At the same time, the photovoltaic park is expanded with a new 150Kw plant for the mill.


Logo Molino San Paolo

Paolo Mill was born in 1955 in Palazzolo Acreide, little village near Syracuse, located in a strategic position for durum wheat supply. The activity, originally focused (continua…)

Logo Molitoria San Paolo

In early 80s Gallo family decided to horizontally extend the activity and founded Molitoria S. Paolo S.p.A.  (continua…)






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