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In the early 1980s, through a bold idea and Salvatore’s immeasurable will, with the support of Gallo family, was set up the Molitoria S. Paolo S.p.A.,

A grinding plant of soft wheat, near the Siracusa’s harbor, that soon conquers new markets.

During the years, have been invested significant resources in innovation of the production facility, replaced completely in 2011, and in research and development of new products.

Today, the company is the only mill of soft wheat in Sicily that makes forty different products among which special bakery flours, professional kneadings for pizza and many semi-milled.

We are pleased to be exclusive suppliers for many years for confectionary firm, industrial and craft bakeries, pastry, dealers and livestock industries.

The Group

Logo Molitoria San Paolo

The bond between Gallo family and wheat milling finds it roots in time. This union, since the half of the 18th century, originated from the administration of water mills, owned by rich Sicilian barons. (continua…)

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Paolo Mill was born in 1955 in Palazzolo Acreide, little village near Syracuse, located in a strategic position for durum wheat supply. The activity, originally focused (continua…)






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