We wanted to devote a whole page to our systems because we are very proud of them. Over the years, we have always invested the maximum to work with jewels of advanced technology.
At the Siracusa production site, the grain can be received in two separate pits. Three independent emptying systems allow a total maximum capacity of 350 tonnes per hour to be achieved. We can unload 4.000 tonnes of grain in a single day. The storage capacity is 11,500 tonnes.
The milling plant bears the Buhler signature. Completely renovated in 2011, it features a diagram, which fulfils the ambitious project requirements, the most important of which is to produce quality flour while consuming little energy. For many years, we have been implementing projects, often innovative at national level, to save valuable electricity.

The electric motors meet the highest efficiency class and numerous inverters “dose” only the energy the machines need. We manage to consume as little as 5 kwh per quintal ground, a record! Over 30% of this energy is self-produced with three photovoltaic systems. The flour storage bins for the finished products hold over 900 tonnes of bulk flour, and an innovative mixing plant allows the creation of flours with specific characteristics for each customer. The warehouse holds 20,000 bags ready for shipment.

The other plant, dedicated to the milling of durum wheat, is located near Palazzolo Acreide. It was also built from scratch with the best Buhler equipment in 2009 and has a production capacity of 240 tonnes/24h.

The cleaning department is equipped with a high-efficiency optical sorter that ensures quality in terms of microbiology and contaminants: through the combination of advanced high-definition cameras and algorithms capable of calculating the shape of the grains, it is able to identify and eliminate foreign bodies or grains with point defects such as fungi or mould.

The wheat decortication plant allows the surface of the grain to be decontaminated over the entire mass of the product, guaranteeing the production of top quality semolina. The heart of the plant, and therefore the milling, consists of sixteen four-cylinder rolling mills plus one eight-cylinder mill, together with plansichters that allow the sifting of the different parts of the grain, and semolina mills that guarantee a thorough cleaning of the semolina.






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